Persons Who Are Required To File Statements of Economic Interest Include:

  • Persons who are elected to office in a unit of local government and candidates for nomination or election to that office.

  • Persons appointed to the governing board of a unit of local government or of a special district; and persons appointed to a zoning board or zoning board of appeals or to a regional, county, or municipal plan commission or to a board of review of any county…and persons appointed to a board or commission of a unit of local government who have authority to authorize the expenditure of public funds.

  • Persons employed by a school district in positions that require that person to hold an administrative or a chief school business official endorsement.

For the complete Illinois Ethics Act, click here. For specifics on the SEI filings, go to ARTICLE 4A of this Act.

If you hold multiple positions, you need only file ONE Statement of Economic Interests (S 4A-106). Please indicate all positions on the form.

We are not allowed to offer legal advice. If you have any questions on who should file, and why, please contact your Unit of Government or your attorney. The same applies to questions about what you personally need to disclose on your form.

67 Days
Until individual Statements of Economic Interests are due. Filings are due on May 1.

Who has filed?

SEI Public Search Site
Check to see if you have already filed for this calendar year. No need to file twice.
UOG contacts: Check to see if all the filers for your entity have filed for this calendar year (search by Unit of Government).
Online filing shows up right away; paper filing takes extra time for us to transcribe. Please file online, if possible.

Steps to Update and Certify your List of SEI Filers

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1. Register by clicking here.

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2. Update your list(s).

Add new filers and update filer contact information, including e-mail addresses. See pages 2-6 of the instructions at the bottom of this page.

3. Submit your Filer List.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

4. Confirm your own UOG information.

See page 7 of the instructions at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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Filing of Individual Statements of Economic Interest online is NOT yet available. Those filings are not due until May 1.


Click here for instructions on registering and updating filer lists (PDF)

FAQs for Units of Government (PDF)

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